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Year: 2020



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About the Book

It is commonly believed that democratic regimes follow egalitarian policies and they are less tolerant to inequalities in any form.The global experience in the past quarter of a century has shown a contrary trend of widening inequalities while increasing number of countries are brought under democratic regimes. Education is a source of economic growth and it can also be a source of inequalities if provisions for pursuing education are not equally distributed.    Education is a fundamental right and its universal provision is a national priority and a social imperative. There is a need for countries to strictlyadhere to progressive policies to ensure equality of educational opportunity to progress towards an inclusive social development agenda.  The bookprovides an insight into the issues related to the role of education in promoting democracy and sustaining egalitarian principles to move towards creating an inclusive society.

About Author

N. V. Varghese is the Vice Chancellor, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) and also the Founding Director of CPRHE, NIEPA, New Delhi, India.

Madhumita Bandyopadhyay is Professor at the Department of School and Non-Formal Education, NIEPA, New Delhi, India


Preface; Acknowledgements; List of Abbreviations

1. Introduction/ N.V. Varghese and Madhumita Bandyopadhyay


Education and Democracy

2. South Africa’s Experiment with Democracy and Its Implications for Education: The Balance Sheet after 20 Years/ Crain Soudien

3. Building Peace and Democracy amidst Conflict and Violence: Lessons of Colombia’s Escuela Nueva Model/ Thomas F. Luschei

4. Painting Profiles of National Futures with Six Artful Brushes: Democracy, Development, Education, Inclusion, Equity and Sustainability/ H.S. Bhola

5. Education, Global Citizenship and Democracy in Post-2015 Landscapes/ Kenneth King

6. Democracy, Deprivation and Dispossession: Multiple Narratives of Democracy in North India/ Badri Narayan


II: Education and Development

7. Higher Education and Development in Africa/ Teboho Moja

8. The Sustainable Learning Paradigm: Global Case Studies to Inform and New Models to Guide 21st Century Development and Democracy/ Judith Parker

9. Vocational Education and the Challenge of Development in South Africa/ Volker Wedekind

10. The Employability of Tertiary-Level Graduates in India/ Santosh Mehrotra

11. Medical Education, Inclusiveness, Democracy and Development in Contemporary India/ Roger Jeffery


III Education and Equity

12. Realising Rights to Education: Is Privatising Educational Services Equitable, Democratic, Inclusive and Sustainable?/ Keith Lewin

13. Challenges of Inclusion: How are India’s Schools Faring?/ Praveen Jha, Satadru Sikdar and Pooja Parvati

14. Equity and Education in India: The Definitive Decade of the 1950s/S. Irfan Habib

15. Democratic Inequalities: The Dilemma of Elementary Education in India/ Vimala Ramachandran


IV: Right to Education

16. Politics of School Location in Post-Reform India:The Exclusion and Inequality/ R. Govinda and A. Mathew

17. Equity, Access and Quality in Basic Education: A Review/ Shireen Motala

18. Comparative Analysis of Large-Scale Policies on Universalisation of Elementary Education: Case Studies on Conditional Grants Scheme,Nigeria and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, India/ Radhika Iyengar, Angelique R. Mahal and Fatima Ahmad

19. Contemplating Democratic Education in a Migratory World/ Sandra J. Schmidt

20. Rights, Entitlements and Education Inclusion for Mobile Pastoralist Children in India/ Caroline Dyer

21. An Invisible Presence “On the Move”: The Subjective Constructions of High School Youth in a South African City/ Aslam Fataar




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