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Year: 2021


224 pp

ISBN: 9789388691574(HB)

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About the Book


With the Human Rights perspective the idea of inclusion got impetus in the Indian education, particularly in schools. And with the emergence of the Rights Discourse stemming from the Right to Education Act and the Persons with Disabilities Act the need for inclusion has moved far beyond schools to society being the focal area. This is reflected in the ideational transition from inclusive education to social inclusion. The volume, containing contributions from various experts from different universities and organisations, focuses on this spirit and discusses strategies, experiments and practical aspects to actually do and ensure inclusion in schools.

The book answers several unanswered questions through research-based rationale. It is offered as a guiding book for creating inclusive schools where you are also urged to pave your own ideas in the welfare of your students. It may be very enriching for all students, scholars and teachers in the field of Education.





About Author

Dr. Yukti Sharma, Ph.D, is a Teacher Educator in the Department of Education, University of Delhi. She has been engaged in the area of Inclusive Education, Science Education and Qualitative Methods of Educational Research for more than fifteen years. She has an additional charge as Academic Secretary at Institute of Lifelong Learning (ILLL), University of Delhi.

Dr. Haneet Gandhi, Ph.D, is a Teacher Educator in the Department of Education,  University of Delhi, and is engaged in the area of Mathematics Education and Quantitative Methods of Educational Research for more than fifteen years. She had been the Co-convener in the Under-Graduate Curriculum Revision Committee, D.U. and also Deputy Dean, Admissions, University of Delhi.


Foreword: Prof Namita Ranganathan


Unit I: Evolving Perspectives of Inclusive Pedagogy

1. Inclusive Education and NEP 2020/ Yukti Sharma

2. A Discourse on Teaching Strategies for Inclusive Classroom/ Ajit Mondal

3. Pedagogy for Diversity: A Pursuit of Inclusivity/ Gowramma

4. Looking into Language Classrooms: From the Lens of Inclusion/ Lata

Unit II: Inclusion within the School Environment

5. Taking Science to All: Pedagogic Considerations for Preparing Inclusive Science Teachers/ Md. Jawaid Hussain

6. Children with Special Needs (CWSN) in Regular Schools: Glorious Mess or a Social Good/ Quazi Ferdoushi Islam, Aejaz Masish and Najma Amin

7. Inclusion: Micro Changes for Macro Transformations in Education/ Supriya Singh

8. Touch-Vision: Multisensory Inclusive Education Platform for Children/ Ankita Gulati and M. Balakrishnan

9. Use of Inclusive Teaching Strategies/ Shalini Yadava and Sunita Kathuria

10. Resources for Inclusive Science Classroom/ Bharti and Pooja Tomar

Unit III: Emerging Perspectives of Inclusion

11. Inclusion: Meaning for an Ethnic Group/ Deepankar Sharma

12. Scattered Perspectives of Inclusion/ Usama Mehmood

13. Inclusive Education and Dalit/ Praveen Kumar

14. Inclusion and the Resource Question/ Sukanya Bose, Priyanta Ghosh and Arvind Sardana



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