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ISBN: 9789386262882

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About the Book

The book focuses on the election procedure, the role and functions, the debate on the appropriate relationship between the speaker and political parties, and the personalities and contributions as Speaker of the twelve Speakers of LokSabha. The book would be useful by parliamentarians and students and scholars in the fields of Parliamentary Political Science, Legislative Process and Legislative Management Studies.

About Author

Dr. Subhash C Kashyap, Constitutional Law and Parliamentary Affairs specialist and author of many prestigious works, had his higher education and professional training at Allahabad, New Delhi. Washington, D C Dallas, Londonand Geneva. An experienced administrator, widely travelled over the world, he was intimately associated with Parliament for over 37 years, right from the first Lok Sabha of Nehru and Mavalankar days. He occupied one of the highest positions in the nation's civil service as Secretary General of Lok Sabha.


I Office of the Speaker, II Speaker of Lok Sabha,

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