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Year: 2007



vi + 314pp


vi + 314pp

ISBN: 8175412917(HB)

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About the Book

The book is a rich treasure of administrative experience relating to a whole range of development programmes taken up in the early years of post-independent India. The successive chapters of the book dealing with different assignments are administrative case studies, which are as interesting as they are instructive. Successful implementation of development programmes has many dimensions – programme planning, organization building, coordination between different agencies, human resource development etc. But even more important than these technical aspects are the character of administration and attitudes, which the civil servants bring to bear on their work. Is administration people-oriented? Do the civil servants have a sense of dedication and idealism? If these were missing, the goals of good governance would remain elusive. The book hopefully may provide the needed corrective to governance. All those who are interested in better administrative performance would find

About Author

Dr. P. R. Dubhashi had his career in the Indian Administrative Service over a span of thirty-five years. He has been an administrator with a difference. In addition to  administrative assignments at all levels, he has headed four national institutions of training and research and has been a Vice-Chancellor of Goa University. He has authored several articles and books, which have been well reviewed. He has also served as Chairman or Member of several expert committees. He has visited several countries of the world and has served as a consultant to international agencies on development projects in different Asian countries.


1. Prologue 2. Choice of the Administrative Career 3. Training at Metcalfe House: Grooming of an Administrator 4. Joining the Cadre - Practical Training at Banglore 5. Subdivision Officer - Davangere - My First Charge: Igniting the Spark of Community Development 6. SDO Pandavpura (1957-58): Giving Relief to Tenants 7. Deputy commissioner, Raichur 1958-59 - administering a backward, droughtprone area 8. Deputy Development commissioner and Director (Youth): Combining Sacreteriat Work and Field Supervision 9. Brief Interlude at Mussorie 10. At London School of Economics (1962-63) 11. New Delhi - In the Central Ministry (1963-65) 12. Founding Director, Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management (1967-71) 13. Secretary to Government of Karnataka: Dealing with Mountain of Files and Many Ministers 14. Administrator, Malaprabha and Ghataprabha Project (1971-72) 15. Divisional Commissioner Belgaum (1974-77) 16. Joint Secretary in the Department of Cooperation (1977-78) 17. Establishment Officer (1978-80) 18. Additional Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture (1980-81) 19. Director, IIPA 20. Secretary (Coordination) Cabinet Secretariat (1986-88) 21. Epilogue 

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