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Year: 1999


152 pp

ISBN: 8175410337

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About the Book

Eminent English Letter Writers XVIII Century is a valuable work for creating an awareness of the less known works of the well known literary luminaries of the century. The letters of Lady Mary Wartley Montague, Lord Chesterfield, Horace Walole, Thomas Gray, Samuel Johnson, Pope and William Cowper are like a prism reflecting the different facets of the personalities of the authors as well as the latent literary artist in them. As a letter is the soul of a writer according to Samuel Johnson we can easily peep in the innermost recesses of their heart and mind and have the joyof possessing some of the secrets which would have otherwise not seen the light of the day.

About Author

B N Verma(1928) took his B.A. and M.A.Degree from Allahabad University in 194 and 1948, respectively. As teaching profession was his choice, from day one, he kept joining a few institutions as a teacher. In 1958 he joined Town Degree college, Ballia as a Lecturer in the Department of English and in 1961 moved to Dayanand Vedic Post-Graduate College, Orai at Jalaun then affiliated to Agra University. He took his Ph.D Degree from Agra University in 1966. His first published work as co-author is The Bullets and the Ballots.


Acknowledgement .Introduction.The Art of Letter-Writing. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.Lord Chesterfield. Horace Walpole. Thomas Gray. Alexander Pope and Samuel Johnson. William Cowper. Bibliography.

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