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Year: 2016



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About the Book

The emerging picture of Muslim women’s political participation in formal politics in India is overall similar as women in general that there has been a marked increase in their voting turnout and election campaigning but women continue to be under-represented in legislative bodies both at the national and state level,  in political party rank and chain of command. Women representation in Indian Parliament is 10.8 per cent only which is below the world average of 20 per cent. India ranks at position 109 out of 190 countries of the list of women representations in Parliament. Afghanistan and Pakistan are above India.                                          

About Author

Zenab Banu is a Professor (Emeritus) in the Department of Political Science, Mohan Lal Shukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan. Being herself a woman and member of minority group, she specialises in the studies of the politics of communalism and women. She has written authoritatively on communal tensions and problems of Muslim and tribal women.


Foreword by Prof CP Bhambhri                                             



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 Women in Political Process: Theoretical Thrust Status and Political Participation of Muslim Women inIslamic Countries Muslim Political Representation and Participation inIndian Government and Politics Political Status of Muslim Women in India Participation of Muslim Women in Rajasthan Governmentand Politics Why Poor Political Participation of Muslim Women? Main Streaming of Muslim Women: Ways for BetterParticipation Bibliography Index 

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