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Year: 2007



ISBN: 9788175413764(HB)

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About the Book

India's governance structure a throwback to the Raj days has to meet the challenges of lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and empowering them' as citizens of a democratic polity.

About Author

Ambassador Har Swarup Singh obtained a Ph.D. degree from North Carolina State University. He had a long and rewarding career in economic research including positions at Delhi School of Economics NCAER as a Director in the U. N. system and also as Deputy Executive Director at the International Cotton Advisory Committee Washington DC.



1 Introduction

2 In Defense of Bureaucracy

3 Lack of Specialization in Civil Services

4 Establish Additional Technical/Specialized Services

5 Make Bureaucracy Less Insular

6 Induct More Outsiders into the Foreign Service

7 Banish Elitism from Bureaucracy

8 Introduce Greater Accountability in Civil Services

9 End Job Reservations10 Government's Proposed Reforms

11 Summary and ConclusionsEndnotesAppendixPress Release ? October 8 2004: A Rare Look at Bureaucracies: A Lecture Series with Gravitas and Shared Personal Experiences Role of Bureaucracies in Economic Development and Foreign Affairs


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