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Year: 2003


pp xiv+274

ISBN: 8175411333

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About the Book

Ours is a bewilderingly diverse country and balanced approach to complex religious and minority issues is a must for a balanced polity and communal peace.

About Author

Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer is a well-known Islamic scholar and a theologian. He has done valuable work on communal harmony. He has personally investigated all major riots in post-independence India and has published several works on study of these riots. He has been working for inter-religous harmony and was conferred D.Lit. by Calcutta University for his work on communal harmony.


Introduction ,Democracy and its Problems in Developing Countries, Communalism and Communal Violence Communalism and Communal Violence-1998, Communalism and Communal Violence-1999, Communal Riots-2000, The Politics of Arrest of Bal Thackeray, Srikrishna Commission Report-Will it be implemented?, Kanpur Riots-A Wake Up Call, Punishing Guilty Police Officers in Mumbai Riots, Malegaon Riots-A New Era of Violence?, A Brief Survey of Communal Situation in the Post Babri-Demolition Period, Communal Riots-2001, BJP's Riot-Free India, Gujarat-An Area of Darkness, Role of Police in Gujarat Carnage, Communal Violence and Role of Civil SocietyComposite Culture, Secularism and Communal Harmony Composite Culture-Celebration of Indian Unity, Demeaning Secularism, On Inter-Religious and Intercultural Dialogue, Twentyfirst Century, Religion and Peace, Nation-State, Religion and Identity, The Congress, Secularism and Minorities, Islam and Secularism, Nationalism, Communalism and Twentieth Century, Vajpayee's Statements and Medieval History, Plurality or Polarity?, All is not lost in Gujarat, Gujarat Carnage-Implications for SecularismBJP, The Sangh Parivar and the Minorities Media and Minorities, India, Minorities and Twentyfirst Century, The BJP and its Roots in Gujarat, The BJP and its Twenty Years, The BJP and the Muslim Factor, The RSS-An Evaluation from the Minority Perspective, Hindutva, Nationalism and Violence, Defeat of BJP is Defeat of Communalism, Minorities can not be at the Mercy of RSSThe Indian Muslims Indian Muslims and Education, Muslims and Education, Social Reforms and Political Odds, Muslims, Modernity and Change, Separate Muslim Party Not Needed, Islam and Muslims in India- Problems of Identity and Existence, Muslim Middle Class and its Role, Indian Muslims, Fifty Years in Independent India-An Evaluation, Myths about Muslims and the Gujarat CarnageMuslim Women and the Muslim Personal Law Muslim Women's Maintenance-Some New Judgements, Women and Personal Law in Iran, Women's Rights and Personal Law Board, Muslim Women and Far Reaching Changes in Bangladesh, Can Veil be Enforced?Kashmir Violence in Kashmir and Democratic Rights, Kashmir-Can Autonomy be a Solution?, Kashmir Opts for PeacePakistan and Indo-Pakistan Relations The Pakistani Textbooks and Hatred against India, The Problematique of Nation-Building on South Asia-The Case of Pakistan, Pakistan, its Polity and Viability, Indo-Pak Relations Soaring High, Is Confederation in South Asia Possible?The Islamic World Iran between Liberalism and Orthodoxy, Religion and Politics in Indonesia Indonesia-A Country in Turmoil, Attack on World Trade Centre and its Implications, Clash of Terrors?, A New Approach for Islamic World NeededIndex

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