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2nd Impression

Year: 2000


102 pp

ISBN: 8185402884

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About the Book

Satellite communication is the most efficient technique of communication invented in this century. To understand this technique, one must be conceptually clear about various aspects of satellite communication. Basics of Satellite Communication has been specially written to provide the understanding of the subject. The book has dealt with various aspects of satellite communication, orbits, satellite ground stations, constructional and launching aspect of satellites, international, regional and domestic SATCOM systems and applications of satellite communication in a simple and popular language.

About Author

O P N Calla, M.E. is a former deputy Director at ISRO's Space Applications Centre at Ahmedabad. His contribution in the development of Indian Satellites Bhaskara-I and II and in various SATCOM projects with ATS-6, Symphonie, APPLE Stationer, INTELSAT and INSAT satellites is noteable. He held key positions in many projects. He is a great pioneer in the field of millimeter wave technology & has published more than 200 papers and wrote books in Hindi on space Sciences.


Introduction, Evolution of Satellite Communication, Constructional Features, Calculating the Orbital Parameters, Earth Station, Frequency Selection, Launching of Communication Satellites, Transmission of Television Signals, International Regional & Domestic Satellite Communication, Indian National Satellite System (INSAT), Applications of Stellite Communication, Growing Trends in Business Communications, Future Trends of Satellite Communication.

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