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Year : 1996

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About the Book

Modem hospitality operations have become very specialised, carving out niche markets and providing an awesome array of practical-or even glitzy-options for guests. But underneath it all, service still remains the foundation for success. Service--the heart of hospitality, is that intangible quality, which guests instinctively, recognises and appreciates.
With the expansion of tourism, service has been standardised all over the world and in the service of guests, there are certain universally accepted norms of 'what to do', 'when to do' and 'how to do'. So the host's responsibility has increased manifolds in modern times. The book has dealt with various aspects of people-oriented service in the Hotel Industry.

About Author

R.P. Singh is an expert in Hospitality Management having worked on senior positions in various hotels in USA for more than 15 years. He had been an executive with Sheraton Hotel, Food and Beverage Director, Holiday inn and General Manager, Star of Nautica, Cleveland Ohio, USA.


Introduction, Defining hospitality, Hospitality industry-a brief history, Services of modern hospitality operations, Food and beverage services, Difficulties encountered in the service industry, Service: for the people, by the people, Factors affecting service, Service: the most important, Service is people-oriented, The personal touch, selected bibliography

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