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Year: 1998


viii + 215 pp

ISBN: 8175410124

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About the Book

Today, financial journalism has taken the centrestage. Economic decision making is decentralised to the extent that it has never been before. This has made economic coverage an all the more sensitive affair. The Indian economy was liberalised in 1991 and its doors ere thrown open to multinational corporations. Consequently, a large number of tie-ups with foreign companies were witnessed. This led to the emergence and growth of more economic newspapers and periodicals. Even the existing ones expanded. They changed their newsprint, design and presentation. The general newspapers started devoting more pages to cover various aspects of the economy. The electronic media stared telecasting special programmes on industry, stock markets and exchange rates. These changes required a certain degree of specialisaiton. This brought in people with MBA and CA qualifications to analyse trends in stock markets, mutual funds, NBFCs and various segments of the industry. Handout journalism is being replaced by hard analysis. The thrust now is to provide people with genuine information. The new developments have opened up opportunities for journalists. Increasing number of journalists today are joining financial journalism. The book deals at length with stock markets, Sebi, UTI, other mutual funds, OTCEI, their achievements and failures so that not only journalism students, but also students who are doing MBA can benefit from it.

About Author

S K Aggarwal, (b. of Arts 1938), received his Master degree in Political Science from the University of Delhi in 1961. A keen watcher of political and socio economic events in India and abroad, he has written several articles in newspapers and periodicals. He has been delivering lectures on journalism in some of the colleges of the Delhi University and other media centres. He has widely travelled in India and abroad. Currently, Aggarwal is working as a Deputy News Editor in The Economic Times, New Delhi. He has already authored six books, namely, press at the Crossroads in India, Media Credibility, Whither Indian Democracy?, Handbook for Journalists and Editorial Excellence, Investigative Journalism and Media and Ethics.


Preface, Stock market terminology, Economic terms, History of stock exchanges, Comparison between Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange, Over the counter exchange of India (OTCEI), Price rigging, Mutual funds, Securities and exchanges Board of India and its performance, Development of Financial Journalism, Economic Reporting

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